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Since 1852, Merrion Stockbrokers Ltd. has been securing index beating returns with the utilization of Thametic, Event Driven, and Fixed Income Investment Strategies.

With the US markets facing inevitable headwinds in 2020, learn how you can secure your financial future working in partnership with Merrion.

Merrion Stockbrokers Ltd

Over a century of success in private wealth management.

Investment Products


We have direct market access (DMA) to over 120,000 stocks from our trading floor and platform


Every major ETF in the world can be purchased through our company and some not so known

Fixed Income

Our traders can provide you with a vast array of bonds to suit your investment choices

Emerging Markets

It may be a new and emerging market but that means incredible return on an investment

Private Equity

We usually have allocations of every major and minor IPO each year available for you to invest in

About the Firm

We deliver a variety of private wealth and investment management services to mid and high net worth individuals and families. Every one of our clients is distinctive, having various backgrounds, diverse requirements, atypical concerns and unique targets.

By working alongside active wealth managers, who are not limited by accepted benchmarks our clients are assured that they have the vanguard of proactively and diversified managed portfolios which are strategically diluted over a wide range of investment styles, risk profiles, asset classes and territories.

We leave no stone unturned when looking for asset management talent, expertise and resources with our independence allowing us to identify the very best opportunities bar none.

Meet The Team

Jillian Scott

Jillian Scot has been accredited by the American Bar Association. As a leading trader in the company, Jillian uses her experience and personal relationships to get results for all Merrions’s clients. She is a talented and hard working trader who never stops trying to bring another win for her clients.

Andrew michaels

Andrew  has over 18 years of experience as a prosecutor in New York State. Andrew has personally handled quite a few high-profile mergers, both as trader as well as a wealth manager. He has been trading the markets since he left school and has one of our largest client bases


Robert Jeffries

Robert might look like a sweet old man, but when he puts on the famous game face, he becomes a cunning lion. You really want a guy like Robert on your team. Finding loop holes and loose ends is what has made Robert famous in the New York district and beyond as one of the shrudest, most highly skilled brokers in the business. Don’t miss his morning meetings, they have never failed to energize the whole floor

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(+44) 20-3129-7707

Floors 18-21, The Shard, 32 London Bridge Street, SE1 9SG


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