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At Merrion Stockbrokers Ltd., we are driven by three core values:





In its financial activities, Merrion Stockbrokers Ltd. promotes the values of excellence that have forged our reputation for 168 years. Our values are based on the three guiding principles of the Merrion Group:
“Concordia (Harmony), Integritas (Integrity), Industria (Industry)”.

Building Bonds of Trust

Within the Merrion Group, “Concordia” inspires unity and harmony in the diversity, balance of strength, and the longevity of the company linked to the Merrion family. It signifies a willingness to work together to achieve a common goal.

Our teams embody this fundamental value, broken down in human qualities: generosity, commitment, team spirit, and a sense of community.

The principle of “Concordia” also guides our relationship with our customers, whom we advise and support in the long term, often over several generations, by ensuring confidence and proximity.

” In our Group, responsibility is more than a lofty goal or a token word. It is part of our DNA, our adrenaline. And it underlies a sincere, deeply held and shared determination to prepare the future for forthcoming generations – starting today.”

James W. Alexander (CIO)


Acting Responsibly

Completely in line with the major philanthropic projects supported by the Merrion family, “Integritas” commits us to maintaining an ethical relationship to wealth.

We are committed to moral, sustainable finance: generosity, accountability, working for the common good and passing on these values to future generations; acting under the most demanding principles of social and environmental responsibility.

This commitment remains at the heart of our relationship with our clients : transparency, active family shareholders, information on risks, protection of interests, honesty, and respect for the individual.

“Ethics involves mutual respect for labour and capital, without which the system is torn apart.”

Jonathan West (Snr. Wealth Manager)



By highlighting the notion of “Industria”, the Merrion family incorporates an essential dimension of the spirit of capitalism: the sense of initiative, combined with diligence and competence within a profession.

For us, success is built over the long term, with prudence and action, by combining a zealous work ethic and an ongoing search for innovative financial solutions. 

” There can be no respect for clients or employees without respect for the trade that we ply, which those playing fast and loose with finance levers thought they could ignore.”

Charles Warren (Snr. Wealth Manager)

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